Implant placement (1piece) + A-PRF

450 EUR

Implant placement (1piece) + A-PRF +0.5-1.0gr bone graft

600 EUR

(every next implant in this visit costs 450 EUR)

Dental implant uncover (1piece) and healing cap placing

40 EUR

Implant loading with abutment and PFM(porcelain fused to metal crown)

380 EUR

Implant loading with abutment and zirconia/e-max crown

500 EUR

Sinus ligting + 2-3gr. bone graft + A-PRF

1300 EUR

Bone grafting in lower or upper jaw + 2-3gr bone graft + A-PRF

750 EUR


350 EUR

1 pc.

ZrO2 crowns

400 EUR

1 pc.

For the aestethic cases planning we need a panoramic x ray and few detailed photos of the teeth, both sides and in bite.

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